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Aden, Yemen is a port city located on a volcanic crater. The city has a long history dating back to the 6th century BC and was once a major trading centre. Today, visitors can explore the historic Crater Fortress, which overlooks the city, or relax on the beaches along the southern coast. The city also offers a taste of traditional Yemeni culture with its lively markets and mosques.

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Airports near Aden

Reach Aden your way. You can easily travel to Aden using any of these 4 airports.

Aden International Airport

This is the closest international airport to Aden, Yemen. It is a commercial passenger airport located within the city limits, making it easily accessible for travellers.


Sana'a International Airport

If you are unable to find a direct flight to Aden, Sana'a International Airport is another option. It is the largest airport in Yemen and offers connecting flights to Aden.


Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport

For travellers coming from outside of Yemen, Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport is a regional airport located in Djibouti. It is within a reasonable driving distance from Aden and offers connecting flights to Aden.


King Abdulaziz International Airport

If you are unable to find suitable flights to Aden, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is another option. It is a major international airport and offers connecting flights to Aden.

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Things to do in Aden

In a city full of many sights to see, we've picked out our top 3 must-sees:

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Sira Castle

This 17th-century Ottoman fort perched on a volcanic crater offers stunning panoramic views of Aden. Inside the fort, you'll find mosques, water cisterns, and a museum showcasing Aden's history.

Tawila Tanks Crater

This fascinating feat of ancient engineering is a network of underground cisterns dating back 2,000 years. Carved into the volcanic rock, the cisterns were once the city's main source of fresh water. Today, you can explore the network of tunnels and chambers while appreciating this innovative water storage system.

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Aden Crater Rim

Take a scenic drive or hike along the rim of the volcanic crater that surrounds Aden. The views are spectacular, and you'll see a mix of traditional and modern architecture, including the colourful high-rise buildings of Steamer Point.