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Abbse, Yemen, is a captivating town situated in the heart of the country's western region. Known for its rich history and culture, Abbse offers a unique blend of traditional Yemeni lifestyle and modern amenities. The town is renowned for its bustling markets, where locals and visitors alike can immerse themselves in the authentic Yemeni experience. The warm and welcoming locals are the heart of Abbse, making it a truly special place to visit. Despite its small size, Abbse is a hub of activity and life, offering a glimpse into the true essence of Yemen.

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Airports near Abbse

Reach Abbse your way. You can easily travel to Abbse using any of these 4 airports.

Aden International Airport

Located approximately 350 kilometres southwest of Abbse, Aden International Airport is the closest commercial passenger airport. It is a major hub in Yemen and offers domestic and international flights.


Sana'a International Airport

Situated around 500 kilometres northeast of Abbse, Sana'a International Airport is another option for travellers. It serves as the main gateway to the capital city of Yemen and offers both domestic and limited international flights.


Seiyun Airport

If you prefer a more regional airport, Seiyun Airport is located approximately 400 kilometres east of Abbse. It is a smaller airport but offers domestic flights within Yemen.


Mukalla International Airport

Located around 450 kilometres southeast of Abbse, Mukalla International Airport is another option for travellers. It serves the city of Mukalla and offers domestic flights within Yemen.

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Things to do in Abbse

Abbse has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Shaharah Bridge

An architectural marvel, the Shaharah Bridge in Yemen is a testament to the ingenuity of ancient engineering. Suspended high in the mountains, this stone bridge was built in the 17th century and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Its historical significance and the adrenaline-inducing trek to reach it make it a must-visit for adventure seekers and history buffs alike.

Old City of Sana'a

Discover the ancient charm of Old City of Sana'a. Its narrow streets, UNESCO status, and historic buildings will transport you to another era. Don't miss the vibrant markets and unique architecture.

Socotra Island

Socotra Island, the 'Galapagos of the Indian Ocean', is a biodiversity hotspot with alien-like Dragon's Blood Trees and pristine beaches. A paradise for nature lovers and photographers, it offers untouched beauty, unique flora and fauna, and tranquil beaches. A must-visit for an off-the-beaten-path experience.

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