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Book Cheap Seats on Flights

Book Cheap Seats on Flights

You've found your dream destination, you've chosen your dates, and next up is finding the perfect flight. Everyone likes to save a bit of money when it comes to booking a holiday, so why not start with your flight? In this guide, we will explain how Alternative Airlines can help you to find cheaper seats on your flights and save money on your next trip.

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What are cheap seats?

Cheaper seats on a plane are likely to be found when sat in Economy or the equivalent cheapest fare with the chosen airline. The seats are often cheaper as there are fewer facilities that come with sitting in that cabin or perhaps you've chosen a standard seat with no added perks such as extra legroom, the exit aisle or the first row of the plane. Cheap seats are some of the most sought-after seats on a plane as many don't see an upgraded seat as worthwhile.

If you're looking for the best ways to find cheap seats on a flight then continue to read our guide.

How to Find Cheap Seats?

Alternative Airlines' Best Fare Finder

To help you find the cheapest flights, we created the best fare-finder tool which enables you to select the cheapest days to fly. Simply enter your preferred dates to travel and dates will appear using a traffic light system to notify you which dates are cheaper and which are more expensive. The more flexibility you have, the more helpful you'll find the best fare finder tool when looking for cheap flights. To find out exactly how to book your cheap seats using our best fare finder tool, click here.

Select Seats Early

If you want to purchase cheap seats for your next flight then be sure to book your seats in advance. The earlier you book your seat with the airline, the cheaper they tend to be. When seats are first released on an aircraft they are often cheaper than if you were to leave it til a couple of months before you're due to fly.

Split the Cost of Your Flight

When purchasing flights with Alternative Airlines you have the choice to use any of the 40+ payment methods we have available to you on our site. These include our buy now, pay later options such as KlarnaAfterpayAffirm and more. Using our financing options helps you to split the cost of your flight into manageable and cheaper instalments as opposed to one big payment.

Choose from our Buy Now, Pay Later and longer-term financing options, which include interest-free weekly or bi-weekly instalment options as well as longer-term monthly financing options.

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Can I book cheap seats with Alternative Airlines?

With Alternative Airlines you're able to use our best fare finder tool to save you money on your flights by selecting dates based on the traffic light system. Once you've selected your cheaper flight, you'll have the chance to add a seat to your booking. The cheapest seats are usually in Economy or the airline's basic fare equivalent so be sure to select 'Economy' from the drop-down list.

What airlines have cheap seats?

Any airline that offers passengers an Economy fare/Basic fare will have seats that are cheaper than those that are in Business Class or First Class. Cheaper seats come with fewer perks and facilities and are therefore found in cheaper cabins such as Economy.

Do I need to book a cheap seat?

Booking a cheap seat is not a necessity, however, it does guarantee that you'll be sitting with the other people in your booking or in your preferred area of the plane. It's advised that you book your cheap seat in advance as they're the type of seat that's most in demand and therefore will sell out earlier rather than later.