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Buy Boxing Day Flights

Looking to buy flights for Boxing Day or buy flights on Boxing Day? We offer flights from over 650 airlines travelling for or on 26th December.

Buy Flights for Boxing Day

26th Calendar

Travelling on Boxing Day? Whether you're flying back home after Christmas, taking a late-winter holiday or flying out for New Year's, Boxing Day (26th December) is a great day to catch a flight.

Depending on where you live, 26th December might be a public holiday. For example, in countries where 26th December is officially called 'Boxing Day', such as the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, the country has a public holiday where all schools and most businesses are closed. However, in other countries, including the US, 26th December isn't recognised as a public holiday and it's only given as a holiday in certain states.

This means that your flight and airport experience can be different depending on where you're travelling from. You can expect it to be busier in places where 26th December isn't a public holiday.

Buy Flights on Boxing Day

Got the blues from Christmas? If you're looking to buy cheap flights on boxing day for a later date and are looking for a boxing day sale, check out our offers page to see the special promos and discounts that we offer for boxing day flights.

Boxing Day Flights

Are Boxing Day flights cheaper?

Buy flights for boxing day doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get cheaper airfare. However, you might find that you can get good deals by buying flights on Boxing Day if there's a Boxing Day sale. If you'd like to see what Boxing Day offers we have at Alternative Airlines, check out our offers page.

Are flights busy on boxing day?

In general, flights are busier on Boxing Day that on other times of the year. However, how much busier can often depend on where you're travelling from. In certain countries, Boxing Day is a public holiday that is a continuation of the celebration of Christmas. Therefore, in these countries, flights on Boxing Day might be less busy than countries that don't recognise Boxing Day as a public holiday.

Can I fly with presents?

Yes, you can fly with presents as long as the item complies with baggage rules. If you're bringing presents in your carry-on baggage, it's best to unwrap them first, as you may be asked to unwrap them at airport security.

Read our blog to see which items you can and can't take in your baggage.

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is on 26th December, the day after Christmas Day. In 2022, Boxing Day will be on Monday 26th December.

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