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Inspiring Solo Travel Blogs To Follow

Natalie Arney

We at Alternative Airlines thought it was only fair to share a few of our favourite, inspiring solo travel bloggers. So whether you’re into luxury travel, solo travel on a budget, or are a female solo traveller looking for inspiration, you’re in for a treat.

Alternative Airlines favourite solo travel blogs

Pip and the City

Pip and the City features the travel adventures of Pip; an aspiring Carrie Bradshaw, originally from Wales in the UK.

One of the many reasons we love Pip’s blog and instagram is that she covers many styles of travel, including solo female travel. We love how she embraces her travel mishaps and fails, seeing them (including the broken arm!) as part of the adventure.

Pip's blog
Pip's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Pip' instagram feed with selfies and poses on vacation

 Photo Credit: pipsays

Nomadic Matt

Matt has been travelling the world for over a decade, and his blog details some great tips on how to save money while travelling — something very close to our hearts. After a trip to Thailand, Matt flew home, finished his MBA, and set out on an adventure that has so far lasted 12 years — how inspiring is that? Whether you aspire to a life of constant, solo travel, or just want to save money on your next trip, we highly recommend you check out Matt’s tips.

Matt's blog
Matt's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Nomadic Matt' instagram feed with selfies and impressive wildlife shots taken on vacation

 Photo Credit: Nomadic Matt

Glo - The Blog Abroad

Self-confessed adventure junkie Glo is inspirational! From a girl who wasn’t into travel at all, to a full-time solo traveller, Glo enjoys inspiring others and creating the life of her dreams on the way. Fabulous, fearless Glo also posts beautiful photos to her Instagram account, and inspiring vlogs to her YouTube channel.

Glo's blog
Glo's Instagram
Glo's Youtube

Grip preview of 'Glo' instagram feed with selfies and videos taken on holiday

 Photo Credit: Glo Atanmo

Young Adventuress

Describing herself as ‘that cliche “ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey”’, Liz, who writes Young Adventuress, we’d like to say is far from cliche and is frank, open and honest about her adventures (and misadventures) as a solo female traveller. One of our absolute favourite blog posts of hers is ‘The Solo Female Traveler’s Manifesto’, which highlights how important solo travel can be for anyone, especially women.

Liz's blog
Liz's Instagram

Grid of Safari pictures

 Photo Credit: Liz Carlson

Adventurous Kate

Originally from the Boston area, Kate now travels the world for a living. Kate found that solo travel for women in particular was something that was very uncommon in her home country, the United States of America, and wanted to dispel many of the common myths about female solo travel than many in the US have heard. At the time of us writing, Kate has been to 76 countries, including Macedonia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Liechtenstein, San Marino, and Hong Kong.

Kate's blog
Kate's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Adverterous Kate's' instagram feed with selfies and poses on vacation

 Photo Credit: Kate McCulley

Velvet Escape

After a decade working in corporate and investment banking, Keith left his successful career for something new - travelling. Over the past 10 years he has visited over 80 countries, and even speaks on his experiences at travel and blogging conferences. We love that Keith highlights the more luxurious side of travel - not just the Michelin starred restaurants or five star hotels, but the luxury of the experience of travel.

Keith's blog
Keith's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Velvet Escape's' instagram feed with nature, city and beach shots

 Photo Credit: Keith Jenkins

Rocky Travel

Michela, the founder of Rocky Travel, is passionate about solo travel, languages, and cultures different to her own. She has a particular love affair with Australia, and attributes her love of travel to travelling Australia, alongside growing up in Italy. She loves to help fellow travellers with tricks to save money on solo travel; whether that’s budget travel, or treating oneself to a splurge every now and then.

Michela's blog
Michela's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Rocky Travel' instagram feed with selfies, landscape and city shots

 Photo Credit: rockytravel

Dan Flying Solo

Photography-obsessed, ice cream addicted web designer Dan is on a mission to meet as many people around the world as possible, and document what he can on his blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel. We love Dan’s gorgeous photography, paired with picking the most interesting hidden gems from his travels.

Dan's blog
Dan's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Dan Flying Solo' instagram feed with cinematic shots of wildlife, landscapes and architecture

 Photo Credit: Daniel James

Girl vs Globe

After spending a lot of her early life travelling, Czech-born Sabina not only documents her travels as an adult on her blog, but also runs an online community for like-minded women who love to travel. We love that Sabina has an ethical view on travel - travelling responsibly, eating vegan food, and promoting the best ways to see the world without harming our planet.

Sabina's blog
Sabina's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Girl vs Globe' instagram feed with selfies and poses on vacation

 Photo Credit: Sabina Trojanova

Mari Andrew

Artist Mari Andrew absolutely adores solo travel, and we love her illustrations providing inspiration and support to fellow solo travellers. Whether it’s a cute, funny illustration on the types of solo travellers you probably have met on your own travels, to reassuring pieces to help communicating the positive and negative sides of solo travel, Mari’s talent for illustration and storytelling always shines through.

Mari's blog
Mari's Instagram

Grip preview of 'Mari Andrew's' instagram feed with journal entries and inspirational quote posts

 Photo Credit: Mari Andrew

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