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An airline safety card demonstrating the procedures onboard

The Best Safety Demonstrations

Flying is always an exciting experience and for some, part of the holiday. When travelling long-haul you rush onboard, take your seats and begin watching what the airline has to offer on its inflight entertainment. Whether you like Bollywood, Thriller, Comedy or something else there is always one film that we all watch. Which film is that you might ask. It of course is the pre-departure safety demonstration. Safety is an important part of air travel and you might think “I have flown often I don't need to watch a demonstration” when the crew asks for your undivided attention. Airlines have increasingly improved their videos to help get the important safety information across to you whilst keeping you entertained, and dare I say even getting a laugh or two at the same time. With so many airlines available it is hard to know who has the best safety video, we’ve decided on our top videos so find out if your airline makes the ‘cut’!

British Airways

When British Airways does something it certainly puts a lot of effort into it and that is no exception with its safety video. Join the star-studded cast of this demonstration directed by the acclaimed comedian Chabuddy G. The demonstration is classy, informational but adds a touch of humour. Sit back and count all the celebrities that make an appearance offering their part of the safety for onboard the plane. With all the celebrities involved the airline certainly helps to keep your eyes on the screen. The airline further adds to the success and humour of this video by creating a sequel video including a whole new range of celebrity appearances. But, which guest appearance is your favourite?

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is known for its quirky safety demonstrations and is often producing new ones. Through doing this it often means the next time you fly the video will be completely different helping to keep you entertained while learning the safety procedures onboard. The airline has produced demonstrations with Betty White, Men in Black, Richard Simmons and more. With so many demonstrations under its belt, this article should really be ‘The Top Safety Demonstrations of Air New Zealand’ however, the airline's most iconic video has to be their Middle Earth inspired video. New Zealand is known as the land of the lord of the rings and certainly embraces this. Head to Middle Earth and learn all the safety instructions for your flight. But sorry to disappoint, you will be travelling onboard the airline's modern aircraft and not a dragon! 

Air France

You won't need to visit France after watching the national flag carriers video. Embracing the sites and culture of the country, Air France films their demonstration in some of the nation's most famous locations including the Paris Opera, Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, the Hotel Martinez and more. The video is chic, stylish and educational even including a smiling Mona Lisa. The video is produced to a high standard being presented in both English and French with music helping to keep the video sophistic, fun and captivating. I can assure you that this 5-minute video is one to pay attention to! 


LATAM, the airline serving destinations across Latin America adds a fun and creative twist to its safety demonstration. Instead of filming onboard an aircraft, the airline chooses to use every day and quirky sets and items to help get the information across. From deck chairs on a beach to skiers on a mountain, the airline helps to keep you captivated with its instructions. LATAM has selected an upbeat backing track with elements stemming from traditional South American instruments securing the airline as the airline for Latin America. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines often produces fun and unique safety instructions but, personally one of their best has to be the Lego Movie. Everybody loves Lego, be it building with the blocks as a kid, watching the movies or playing one of the many Lego-inspired console games. Turkish Airlines takes you back to your childhood with their Lego Movie demonstration. As safety demonstrations go this is one of the most entertaining and appears more like it could be a skit in the Lego Movie and not before a 6+ hour flight with the airline. 

Ukraine International Airlines

Breaking from the norm, Ukraine International Airlines nods to the rich art and culture of the country by incorporating ‘suprematism’ into the video. Suprematism is a style of art that was created by world-renowned Kazimir Malevich. UIA notes that the origins of the word suprematism can be translated into ‘top most’ which like safety for the airline is top most important. The video is presented in both English and Ukrainian with Mandarin subtitles helping all passengers understand the important information. Throughout the video, the airline maintains its artistic inspiration and even turns its cabin crew into a suprematist flight attendant giving the instructions. 

Bangkok Airways

Airlines often create drab, dull and boring videos which get all of the information across but fail to capture the audience. Thailand based Bangkok Airways have opted to break this norm and instead produce a fun musical safety demonstration. Perhaps maybe it should be labelled as a music video more than a safety video. Whatever your thoughts on the song, you can agree it does draw you in and help get the message of safety across. I must admit that it does give early 2000s pop group realness and embarrassingly has notes of the UK’s 2007 Eurovision entry (which scored 19 points). Hopefully, Bangkok does better in teaching its passengers about safety onboard better than it may do in the charts. The song is sung in English but all information is presented in both English and Thai.

Korean Air

Korea is known for both being a technologically advanced country and the much loved (or hated) KPOP. Korean Air embraces this by combining the two to make an upbeat, catchy and unforgettable safety demonstration. The airline has roped in the help from industry heartthrob and heavyweight BTS to help teach you all you need to know for the flight ahead. The video is presented in Korean with both English and Korean subtitles, whereas the song produced by BTS is a blend of the two languages. The demonstration is a really fun video to watch and one that the airline has perfected well. 

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has always been known to be a fun, quirky and cheeky airline and its safety demonstration doesn't disappoint. The airline knows that these 5 minutes before a flight are extremely important but often overlooked and ignored by passengers with the bigger concerns on seeing what movies are available. Virgin embraces this by starting the video with a passenger like you sat ignoring the information but then becomes part of this. Hopefully, when watching this you'll be as equally pulled in as he was! The video incorporates numerous film genres helping to keep you entertained while learning about the safety onboard the flight. The video is masterfully created and as safety demonstrations go, genius! 

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia certainly takes the crown when it comes to accessibility. The video is presented in English or Indonesian with subtitles in the opposite language. The airline also chooses to add sign language in the corner of the screen making the video easily understandable for a range of passengers and is one of the only airlines to offer this, kudos to you Garuda. The airline celebrates all things Indonesian by presenting the video in various regions of the country showing off its natural beauty and culture while teaching you safety onboard. If travelling with Garuda to connect in Jakarta onto another destination after watching the video you will be sure to want to stay and explore the country. 

Air Astana

Air Astana, an airline you may not have heard of or even know where it is based certainly tries to make a memorable video. Going against a poorly created cartoon video as some airlines choose, Air Astana adds a touch of creativity by using people and gymnastics to present the video. A team of gymnasts bend themselves to form things from an aircraft, seat, seat belt and more. I was certainly very impressed with their flexibility and it's a video I will certainly remember and pay attention to. The airline isn't just flexible with its performers but also in its accessibility by offering the demonstration in both English and Kazakh with subtitles, helping its passengers understand and learn the safety procedures with ease. 

Gone but not forgotten

Virgin America

What kind of ranking would this be if I haven't mentioned Virgin America. Although the airline no longer flies, as it was merged into Alaska Airlines. The safety demonstration is a strong contender and will be one for some time. The video’s catchy song was written by Todrick Hall, a well renowned American musician. Virgin branded companies always have a fun and playful flair and Virgin America doesn't disappoint. After watching this demonstration you might be so enticed you’ll try to find the song on Spotify, yes it is that catchy. Todrick successfully blends a plethora of musical genres while combining this with safety onboard an aircraft, while keeping it funny! Well done Virgin America, maybe Alaska should incorporate some of this playful culture! 

Thomson Airways

If you flew with UK charter airline Thomson Airways prior to its TUI rebrand I’m sure you'll have watched this demonstration. There is always something about kids pretending to be adults that is so sweet and funny to watch. Thomson embraces this and casts ‘Alice the chief steward’ to present the video. Alice, who must be no older than 8 successfully demonstrates the safety instructions with her fellow child made crew to the passengers onboard, which are all children too. The video is really sweet and fun to watch and one that is missed since a new one was made for TUI Airways.


Joon was a millennial targeted airline from the Air France-KLM Group which was short-lived but certainly left its mark. Just like its parent, Air France Joon produced a great safety demonstration. Joon however opted for a more colourful and fun video. The airline incorporates dance into its routine, presenting safety onboard in a more creative way. The music selected is upbeat keeping the video fun to watch. Joon produced their video in dual English and French with subtitles making it super easy to understand for a range of passengers. Although Joon might not fly anymore, their video won't be forgotten. 

What are your thoughts? Have we missed any that you think are even better than all of these?

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