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Discover the Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia in 2024

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When is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia?

Visiting Saudi Arabia at any time of the year is a good idea, there's always something to do. The type of trip and reason for travel will be the deciding factor as to what time of year you choose to visit Saudi Arabia. It's important to note that Saudi Arabia is a vast country with diverse climates, and the best time to visit may vary depending on your destination and the specific activities you have in mind. Coastal areas, such as Jeddah, tend to have more moderate temperatures compared to the inland desert regions. Before planning your trip, consider the local climate of the specific places you intend to visit.

Saudi Arabia by season

Wondering when the best time to visit Saudi Arabia is? We've highlighted what you should expect for each season, so you can decide when the best time to visit Saudi Arabia is for you.

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Springtime in Saudi Arabia only lasts for a short time before it moves into the heat of the summer. Spring in Saudi Arabia roughly falls between the middle of March to the middle of June, but by May, the climate mimics what most places would classify as summer. Rainfall and sandstorms are at their highest during the Spring season so it's important to consider this when planning your itinerary for your visit to Saudi Arabia.

Throughout April, May and June, there is a significant increase in tourists taking part in watersports in the coastal regions, and after sunset activities in the desert when the temperatures drop down. Spring is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia if you're someone who is keen to have lots of fun experiences while visiting this country as there are plenty of opportunities both during the day, and also at night when the climate is cooler.

Please note: Ramadan falls in the Spring time so it's important to be aware of cultural practices during your travels.

Tropical fish and hard corals in the red sea


Is summer the best time for you to visit Saudi Arabia? If you love the heat, then yes! Saudi Arabia in the summer has an average daytime temperature of around 45C and an average nighttime temperature of 28C, meaning there is little relief from the summer sun no matter the time of day. The summer season in Saudi Arabia runs between mid June to mid September.

Summer is a great time to visit Saudi Arabia and experience the wealth of activities the country has to offer for both tourists and residents alike. Much like in Spring, tourists flock to coastal regions like Jeddah and Dammam to bathe in the cooling waters or take part in activities like scuba diving or snorkelling. The Red Sea has one of the most resilient ecosystems and is teaming with diverse sea creatures, perfect for your under sea adventures!

The Jeddah flagpole in between palm trees


Saudi Arabia's autumn season starts in the middle of September and runs through til December. This season often has the most pleasant temperature which means more can be done comfortably while you're there, and it's a very popular time to visit Saudi Arabia.

The best time to visit Saudi Arabia for a cooler trip is definitely the autumn, so it's no wonder that it's the peak tourist season, very popular with honeymooners and those seeking adventure. The autumn is perfect for dining outdoors, hiking up the mountains, or taking a stroll along Jeddah's waterfront with daily average temperatures of between 23C and 26C.

Dammam desert with footprints in the sand


The winter season is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia for many reasons, there are always plenty of activities, festivals and experiences for you to take part in. The winter season in Saudi Arabia starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March, with average daytime temperatures around 20C and the coldest dropping to just 8C.

As the winter evenings draw in a more comfortable temperature, it is the perfect time of year for outdoor festivals in Saudi Arabia. Some of the most popular festivals in the country are Soundstorm and Winter at Tantora, both welcoming thousands of tourists and residents alike.

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