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Change is in the air

A brand for everyone, everywhere

Welcome to the new look of Alternative Airlines, the global flight booking brand that is transforming the way that you book flights online. 

Here at Alternative Airlines, we're driven by a powerful vision. We understand that your journey is uniquely yours, and we believe in putting you in control. That’s why we’re here to give you more. More choice. More flexibility. More alternatives. Through our flight-only focus, range of airlines, destinations and payment options, top-rated customer service and a restless approach to design and innovation, we make booking a flight as easy as possible.

The freedom to fly

When did booking a flight become the most stressful part of a trip? You hover over ‘Book now’ and hope for the best. Did I book the right baggage? When do I choose my seats? Can I even afford to fly so soon? The website gets more complex with every click.

But there is an alternative. We believe in booking flights without the emotional baggage. In booking a trip without getting tripped up. We’re here to make booking a flight as easy as possible. So you can enjoy the anticipation of the destination. Old friends in new places, and catching up with familiar faces. With payments so flexible, that last-minute yoga retreat isn’t a stretch. With booking so simple, enjoy that wedding with an aisle seat. With a support team so dedicated you’ll send them a postcard. 

We're here to give everyone, everywhere, the freedom to fly.

Our new look for a seamless booking journey

Our new visual identity has been carefully considered to evoke the joy and empowerment of travel, reminding you of the wonderful experiences and human connections that await. From unforgettable getaways to family reunions, we're here to make possible those moments that matter.

We've updated our logo to feature a new icon, which combines the ‘A’ from our name with a compass dial - highlighting the breadth of destinations available and the journey you're about to embark on. We’ve also introduced this icon as a new graphic element to serve as a visual navigation aid throughout your booking flow. Providing assistance at every step is at the core of Alternative Airlines, and these aids reflect the dedicated support that our expert Customer Service team provides. 

More choice and customisation

With over 600 global airlines at your fingertips, including major carriers and regional airlines, we offer an unparalleled selection of flights. No matter your destination, we have you covered. Our site simplifies even the most complex itineraries, allowing you to book flights, transfers, and connections with multiple airlines, all in one convenient place.

We also offer a wide choice of 40+ payment options. Pay in your local currency, using your preferred payment method. Spread the cost over time with Buy Now, Pay Later. Or select your favourite e-wallet, including PayPal. We also offer cryptocurrency! With Alternative Airlines, the choice is yours.