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Adding your Name to your Passenger Details

How to add your name to your Alternative Airlines booking

At Alternative Airlines, we understand that your name might not just be your title combined with your first and last name. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to add your name to your Alternative Airlines booking and what to do if the name on your booking doesn't match your passport.

Tips for adding your name to your Reservation

Always enter your name carefully when making your booking as some airlines may charge you to rectify a mistake on your ticket. Unfortunately, our system only accepts alphabetical letters. Please read below to find out what to do if your name contains special characters.

How do I add my name to my flight booking if I don’t have a first name?

If you don’t have a first name, please repeat your title in the First + Middle name box e.g.

How do I add my name to my flight booking if I don’t have a second name?

If you do not have a first name, put your title in the first name box and then enter your first name into the last name box. Don't worry if this differs slightly from your passport.

What if my family name is one letter?

If your family name is one letter long, please enter your first and last name together in the last name box.

What do I do if my name contains special characters?

Many names contain special characters such as hyphens, accents or apostrophes. Unfortunately, our system doesn't recognise special characters at this point in time. Please enter your name without any special characters. Don't worry if your ticket differs from the name on your passport slightly.

What if my name contains a suffix?

If your name contains a suffix like "Jr," please enter the suffix in the first name field after your first name.

What do I do if it says my name is too long for the passenger details form?

If your title, first name and last name exceed 50 characters then enter as much of your name as possible into the First + Middle name box or contact our customer service team for assistance.

What happens if I spell my name wrongly on my flight ticket?

If you think you’ve made a spelling mistake on your flight ticket, please consult our flight ticket name changes page for more information or contact Alternative Airlines any time from 8am to 8pm GMT on +441293847920.

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