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24 Hours Before You Fly

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24 Hours Before You Take Flight

Preparing for a flight can be a super exciting yet hectic time, and ensuring you have everything in order can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. On this page, you'll find everything you need to prepare for within the 24 hours leading up to your flight departure. From packing essentials to completing the necessary documentation, arranging transportation to the airport, and checking for any last-minute updates, we've got you covered. Simply follow the checklist below for a stress-free start to your travels!

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Special Assistance

Do you or a member of you're party require any special assistance during your travels? If so, now is the perfect time to Contact Us. e.g. if you require a wheelchair service, we will notify the airline that you're flying with and ensure that you'll have the necessary services when arriving at the airport.

Whether you have impaired mobility, are recovering from surgery or injury, or have any other difficulties with getting to/from the aircraft, you can request airport wheelchair assistance. However, don't panic if you forget to inform the airline about you're wheelchair needs as many airports have many wheelchair services.

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Online Check In

If the airline that you're travelling with offers an online check in service then we advise that you check in online before arriving at the airport. By checking online you can avoid long queues at the airport and have a smooth and easy airport journey. If you wish to pre-select your seat, then you can do so through the online check in service. Once you've checked in online, print out your boarding pass or save it onto your mobile wallet for easy access.

Please note that many low-cost airlines will charge you for airport check in, so if you want to avoid additional costs, you should check in online.

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Have you got all your documents?

Well, without your documents you simply cannot fly! Important documents include passports and visas, ensure that these documents are valid for the entire duration of your trip and meet the entry requirements for the destination country that you're travelling to.

Don't forget to double-check your flight tickets, hotel reservations, and any other confirmations you may need. We advise that you take the time to ensure that you have all the necessary documents before embarking on your journey for a stress-free travel experience.

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Pack your essentials!

It's time to pack your bags before jetting off to your destination of dreams. Have you packed enough clothes, a swimsuit, personal hygiene kits, and a hat?

Don't forget that prohibited items must be packed in checked baggage, including any fluid exceeding 100ml. If you wish to travel with any fluid, it must be within 100ml and packed in a plastic bag for airport security check. If you're struggling to keep track of what you are allowed to bring on a plane check out our 'What Can I Carry on a Plane?' blog.

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Arrange your transport

When preparing for your upcoming journey, don't forget to arrange your transportation to and from the airport. Take some time to consider the most reliable option for you. Whether it's booking a taxi, transfer or asking for a lift from a friend or family member. Alternative Airlines advises that you arrive at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure time to ensure a smooth and stress-free airport journey.

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24 Hours Before Flying | FAQs

Do you have to check-in exactly 24 hours before the flight?

No, you don't have to check in online exactly 24 hours before your flight but we advise that you prepare in advance without leaving check in it until the last minute. Please note that many airlines will charge you an additional fee if you don't check in online. However, if you don't check in for your flight by the cut-off time at the airport, you will not be allowed to travel.

What documents do I need before travelling?

Passport. Travel Visa. National ID Card. are the common documents you need before travelling. But, please bear in mind that the type of documents you need will depend on the country which you're travelling to/from. You may also need other necessary documents if you're travelling whilst pregnant, or an unaccompanied minor.

What do I need to do 24 hours before I fly?

Before embarking on your travel journey you need to ensure that you complete a few things including, packing your bags, arranging transport to the airport, gathering all your documents etc. Please read our guide from above to ensure that you've got everything you need before taking flight.