Alternative Airlines & Cryptocurrency

Alternative Airlines: leading the way in flight bookings and cryptocurrency

Through Alternative Airlines, our customers can search and see flight prices in 70+ cryptocurrencies, as well as their fiat exchange rates, then pay using the crypto coin of their choice. 

Combining innovative flight and crypto technology, we offer our customers a wide range of over 600+ airlines, routes and options to enhance their travel experience (including in-flight upgrade options and insurance products) with the ability to pay using their preferred coin.

We work with industry-leading partners, including Utrust, and the launch of a new partnership with CoinGate in 2022, to bring an even greater choice of cryptocurrency options to our customers. And our specialist in-house tech team continues to develop market-leading solutions to optimise the booking experience for crypto users and drive sales even further. 

With the crypto market growing by 300% in 2021 — finishing 2021 at an estimated worth of $2.1 trillion — we’re proud to say that we’re leading the way when it comes to booking flights using cryptocurrency. Let's take a look at Alternative Airlines’ crypto journey and the exciting things we have in store for 2022. 

2019: a vision for the future of cryptocurrency and flight bookings

Our cryptocurrency journey first took-off in 2019. Here at Alternative Airlines, we’ve always been on a mission to make it easy for all our customers to book flights and pay the way they want — from using the currency of their choice to a range of buy now, pay later and bank transfer options. With cryptocurrency revolutionising the digital payments landscape, our team could see an enormous opportunity to also serve the millions of crypto users out there with the option to easily book flights and pay with cryptocurrency.

Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines: “When we launched crypto in 2019 there weren’t many other sites offering it, and virtually no other sites accepting it as a way to pay for flights. We saw an opportunity to give the crypto community a way to pay for something that wasn’t widely available to them before.” 

Thanks to the work of our in-house tech team of web developers and designers and our partnership with Utrust and, cryptocurrency was soon live as a payment option on Alternative Airlines. As well as more popular currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, we were also able to offer many smaller or more niche options, including Dash, USDT, Litecoin and Ripple, among others.  

Argyle: “Since launching, we’ve experienced a high demand for crypto when booking flights. Crypto offers our customers anonymity no matter where they’re booking or where they’re flying to, as well as the knowledge that their transactions are secure. Crypto is also cost-effective, with fewer restrictions and no charges from third parties such as banks. There’s a huge and growing number of people that want to use cryptocurrency for travel, and we’re at the forefront of meeting this demand.” 

As well as the cryptocurrency options that we offer, our tech team have continued to optimise the booking experience for crypto users even further. In 2021 we added a new and innovative feature to display the exchange rate of each of the cryptocurrencies that we offer. Customers can click on our currency selection tool to choose a cryptocurrency option, then see both the fiat currency and crypto exchange rate displayed in the flight search results. Displaying exchange rates in real-time, this feature makes the flight booking process as seamless and easy as possible. 

2022: Alternative Airlines’ crypto expansion continues

We’ve welcomed in the new year, and a new partnership with CoinGate. Thanks to Coingate, we’ve expanded our cryptocurrency options even further. Alternative Airlines now offers customers over 70 cryptocurrency options at checkout. We’re pleased to offer an option for all crypto users looking to book flights while using their preferred coins. 

In 2022, we’ll also be launching a new cryptocurrency hub, which will make it easier for customers to view all the crypto options that Alternative Airlines offers, as well as to access FAQs and more.

So, no matter where our customers want to fly to, nor the airline they want to fly with, we’re making it as quick, simple and easy as possible for crypto users to search and book flights using the coin of their choice. And this is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to serve the crypto community even further in 2022 and beyond.