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Somon Air

Somon AIr is the first private airline in the Republic of Tajikistan with its operating base at the country's political and commercial capital, Dushanbe. The airline was launched early in 2008 and currently operates two Boeing 737-800 aircraft on international routes. Somon Air B737-800European destinations served from Dushanbe by Somon Air include Moscow (Domodedovo Airport), Krasnoyarsk, Orenburg, St Petersburg, Istanbul and Frankfurt. Closer to home a regular flight operates to Almaty in Kazakstan. Dubai is the destination offered in the Gulf and the longest sector flown is to Urumqui in China.  Somon Air also flies from Taijkistan's second city Khujand to Krasnoyasrsk and Sochi,

Quote from the airine about its future plans: "In line with its strategic policy, Somon Air is gradually expanding the geographical coverage of flights. At present time, the geographic coverage of flights in Russian Federation has expanded. The air-company started flights to Krasnoyarsk from Dushanbe and Khudjand International Airports. In the near future, the air-company is planning to carry out flights to Tumen, Orenburg and Sochi out of Dushanbe and Khujand International Airports. Besides, flights to St.- Petersburg from Dushanbe has started, which will be carried out on a regular basis. First flight to Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany) from Dushanbe was carried out on July 29, 2009. The flight to Frankfurt is operated on a regular basis (every Wednesday and Saturday). By the end of this year (2009), Somon Air is planning to increase its flight frequency to United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), as well as commence passenger and cargo transportation to China and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."