Alternative Airlines is officially a Great Place to Work

Alternative Airlines is officially certified as a Great Place To Work, 2022-23

21/11/22 – Flight search and booking website Alternative Airlines has been officially certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’ 2022-2023, after 97% of the company’s employees agreed that Alternative Airlines is a great company to work for. This certification has been awarded by, which Alternative Airlines worked with to conduct an independent employee survey. 

Alternative Airlines received fantastic feedback across the board, as the survey explored all areas of employee fulfilment and engagement, including the culture of the company. Alternative Airlines is particularly proud that 97% of its employees agreed that they’re treated like a full member regardless of their position, and 100% agree that they’re made to feel welcome when joining the company. 

The survey also explored employee happiness and wellness, which is an area that Alternative Airlines places a significant emphasis on. Earlier this year, Alternative Airlines launched a new employee benefits package, which includes generous flight credit up to £1,000 and 2 days of additional annual leave to be dedicated to personal wellness. In acknowledgement of this, 97% of the company’s employees agreed that they’re encouraged to balance their work and personal life at Alternative Airlines. 

Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines: “We’re absolutely delighted to have been officially certified as a great place to work. Alternative Airlines is a high-growth and innovative business with big ambition. We work entirely in-house and each member of our team has the opportunity to make high-impact decisions to help propel the next stage of our growth. We’ve only achieved this fantastic certification because of the hard work and passion that every member of our team brings to the business.

The internal survey initiative was led by Emma Sheldon, Financial Controller at Alternative Airlines, who emphasised how useful the feedback has been in giving the company areas to focus on to help its employees: “While we are delighted with the positive outcome from the survey, it has also been invaluable in helping us recognise areas that we can improve. One of, if not, the key reason that we wanted to gather feedback is that we wanted real responses and opinions from our team on what we can do better. Alternative Airlines is constantly evolving so there will always be ways that we can improve. We’re excited to use the results of this survey to help us make decisions around that.”   

To drive its mission to offer a quick, easy and customisable flight experience, Alternative Airlines consists of five teams (Commercial, Customer Acquisition & Marketing, Customer Service & Ticketing, Finance and Tech). Each team provides a critical role in the customer experience and our internal processes. Our tech team works together with sub-teams of Product, User Experience and Design and Front- and Back-end Engineering.Alternative Airlines’ online booking platform is also supported by the company’s experienced Customer Service and Ticketing teams, which are available to provide assistance to customers at every step. 

Having experienced phenomenal international growth over the past 12 months, Alternative Airlines has already doubled from 39 employees in 2021 to 79 employees in 2022, and has plans to double again in 2023. 

Shelley Tasker, Head of Operations and HR at Alternative Airlines, commented: “As Alternative Airlines grows even further, we continue to work on initiatives to encourage personal and professional development. It is important to us that everyone at Alternative Airlines feels fulfilled and has the opportunity to progress within the company.”

Since the pandemic, Alternative Airlines has maintained a flexible approach to the way that its team works. Alternative Airlines attracts talent from across the UK and beyond with fully remote positions and hybrid-working options. 

Shelley continued: “It is immensely important to us to understand how our staff are feeling and give them the voice and anonymity to be honest and open about their experience working at Alternative Airlines. This is particularly true following a shift in the way that many of our team now choose to work, which includes a big uplift in remote working. The feedback from this survey was fantastic. It also provides invaluable insight that we can use to enhance how we support our team even further.

Alternative Airlines also hopes that its new ‘Great Place to Work’ certification will help to further appeal to prospective employees. To view the company’s latest vacancies, visit Alternative Airlines’ Work With Us page.