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TACV Cabo Verde Airlines

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines is the flag carrier airline of the Cape Verde Islands operating flights to Praia and Sal from Portugal, UK, Europe and West Africa

TACV to Cabo Verde

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines is an expanding airline which both flies international passengers into the Cape Verde Island and also carries them between the 10 main islands which make up this small, independent nation.The two main airports are Praia and Sal. Praia airport mainly serves the local population, traveling to and from the Islands. Sal is the principal gateway airport for inbound international tourists.

TACV and the Cape Verde Islands

From nowhere the Cape Verde Islands have suddenly become a hot spot for sunshine tourism and overseas property ownership. With demand for second home ownership in year round sunshine soaring, TACV Cabo Verde Airlines is expanding quickly to establish its position as the home carrier serving this growing market. On the longer haul international flights TACV Cabo Verde Airlines uses the ultra reliable Boeing 757. The airline has been around since 1958, but don’t expect too much in terms of service. Despite UK advertising for property sales, giving the impression that this is a ‘mediterranean-style’ destination, the reality is that this is a fast developing small, West African country, where infrastructure development can lag behind the image portrayed in the publicity

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines currently use 2 Boeing 757’s for its international services and 2 ATR 72’s for inter-island and west African routes.