Alternative Airlines launches brand refresh

Alternative Airlines unveils its new brand identity supported by refreshed vision: We’re here to give everyone, everywhere, the freedom to fly 

Alternative Airlines, the global flight booking site, has unveiled its new visual identity, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth and commitment to delivering an industry-leading and customer-centric flight booking experience. The refreshed brand identity aligns with Alternative Airlines' renewed vision, purpose, and values, reinforcing its position as the preferred choice for flight bookings worldwide.

Alternative Airlines’ new vision – “To become the world’s preferred choice for flight bookings” – acknowledges the site’s flight-only focus and commitment to providing a personalised experience which meets the needs of everyone, everywhere. This vision is underpinned by the site’s relentless focus on innovation and design, to bring a wide choice of airlines, destinations and payment options to customers globally.

The site’s strengthened positioning as the flight booking platform of choice for those looking for flexibility and control is also reflected in Alternative Airlines’ new purpose: “We’re here to give everyone, everywhere, the freedom to fly”

Sam Argyle, Managing Director of Alternative Airlines, expressed his pride in unveiling the new brand identity: "Our new brand identity perfectly embodies the ambition that we have to transform the online flight booking experience for travellers globally. Empowering each and every customer to book the flights that they want, the way that they want, is at the core of Alternative Airlines. Our vision is reflected in the choice, flexibility, and control we offer at every step of our flight booking experience, as well as the exceptional support provided by our expert Customer Service team. We’re proud to be giving all our customers the freedom to fly.”

The site has modernised its logo with a new icon, which references a compass and the journey that the customer is set to embark on. This icon has also been used to serve as visual navigation aids throughout the online booking journey, and reflects the dedicated support that Alternative Airlines’ Customer Service team provides at every step of the way. The carefully considered colour palette and visual design of the site evokes the joy and empowerment of travel, reminding customers of the wonderful experiences and human connections it enables –  from memorable weekend getaways with friends to attending family weddings. 

Alternative Airlines' new identity also showcases the site’s innovative approach to travel and payment technology, highlighting the extensive airline choices, booking customisation features, and a wide array of payment options available to customers. 

The site offers 600+ global airlines, including all major carriers as well as many smaller regional airlines and low-cost airlines, which can be harder to book elsewhere online. Alternative Airlines simplifies complex itineraries, enabling users to book and manage flights, transfers, and connections with multiple airlines, all in one place. With customisation central to the site’s booking experience, customers can personalise their booking to meet their specific needs, including pre-seat selection, baggage options, and adding risk-reduction products such as Cancellation Protection and Lost Baggage Protection.

Customers also have the freedom to pay their way, with over 40 payment options available, including flexible Buy Now, Pay Later and financing options, bank transfers, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency.

The timing of Alternative Airlines' brand refresh coincides with its remarkable growth in markets across the globe, particularly in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. "It’s the perfect time for us to re-energize our brand identity, as we continue to solidify our position as the leading site for flight bookings globally," said Sam Argyle. "As well as serving our customer’s needs, it was important that our new identity resonates internally with our team. Our new vision will guide our collective focus and help drive the next phase of growth."