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Buy Flights with Zilch

Zilch (Zilch Finance) is a virtual card, which you can download as an app on your smartphone, and use to make a purchase today and pay back later. When creating a Zilch account, a virtual mastercard is generated. This card can be used to shop online to shop anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Search and book the flights you want through Alternative Airlines, then generate your Zilch virtual card to help manage the cost of your airfare. With Zilch, you only pay the first 25% upfront, the rest will be split over time. After your first payment, you'll pay another three 25% payments, every 2 weeks.

When you choose to pay with Zilch, there is no need to pay for the full cost of your flights today. Customers never pay any interest, late fees, early fees, or annual fees — there are absolutely no hidden charges. Zilch’s aim is to provide customers with zero interest, zero stress, and zero surprises.

Download the Zilch app to be kept in the loop about your payments. You’ll be able to track your payments in your dashboard, so you know exactly when payment will be taken.

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How to buy flights with Zilch

Search for flights

To begin search for flights use our search form located at the top of the page. Fill in your chosen departure and arrival destinations, your chosen dates, and browse for the right flights for you. You can choose from over 600 global airlines!

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How to buy flights with Zilch

Pay with Zilch

Once you have filled in the passenger details page, head to checkout, and generate your Zilch virtual card

Search for flights

How to buy flights with Zilch

Booking confirmed!

If approved, you'll be able to book your flights straight away, and only pay the first 25%.



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Why buy flights with Zilch?

The benefits of buying flights with Zilch are many! Customers have the flexibility to choose between Pay Now (pay in 1) or Pay in 4 instalments by generating a virtual credit card in the Zilch app. This means you can shop at your convenience, wherever you want. No need to hunt for debit or credit cards, as Zilch lets you check out within minutes, even if you're on the go.  Each of your 4 payments are taken automatically from your linked debit card, so there is no need to remember when payments are needed.

With Zilch, you not only stay in control of your finances but also enjoy additional perks like rewards. When paying in full, shoppers earn ‘Rewards’. Rewards are accumulated in-app and can then be used when making a purchase.

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Pay in 4

Split the total cost of your flights into 4 equal payments with Zilch.

The first payment (25%) is taken when you make your purchase.

The second payment (25%) is taken in week 2.

The third payment (25%) is taken in week 4.

The final payment (25%) is taken in week 6.

When you choose to book your flights with Zilch, there are no interest fees or hidden fees.

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Choose from 600+ Airlines

We offer flights not only from well-known major carriers but also from smaller airlines serving lesser-known destinations. Alternative Airlines provides more than 600+ airlines. The best part? You can use Zilch as a payment on every single one of them. This means you can easily book and pay for flights with Zilch, covering practically any airline globally!

Download tickets

E-tickets sent instantly

Once you've made your 1st payment using Zilch and your flight has been confirmed, we'll send your e-ticket right away! In some instances, we may do additional checks before sending your ticket. However, there's no need to panic. E-tickets are guaranteed to be sent within 24 hours of booking. Plus, we'll keep you in the update with regular email updates on its status.

Trusted globally

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We’re super proud of our Trustpilot rating, but don’t just take it from us. See why millions of others love booking their flights through Alternative Airlines

Zilch and Flights FAQs

How does Zilch work?

Zilch lets customers split the total cost of their basket over 6 weeks, when you choose to pay with Zilch. Customers use their virtual zilch card online with partnered retailers.

You’ll pay the first 25% of the overall cost at the time of booking. Afterwards, payments will be withdrawn in equal payments of 25% every two weeks.

  • The 1st payment: 25% upon the day of purchase.
  • The 2nd payment: 25% 2 weeks after the day of purchase.
  • The 3rd payment: 25% 4 weeks after the day of purchase.
  • The 4th payment: 25% 6 weeks after the day of purchase.
Can I make payments early?

Yes, you can repay any future payment early via the 'Pay Now' button on the Zilch app, which can be found next to your purchase listing in the 'My Purchase' section of the Zilch homepage.

Will using Zilch impact my credit score?

Due to Zilch’s commitment to responsible spending, a soft check of your credit score is done. Investigating your options won’t impact your credit score, but may show as a recent search on your credit record if you're signed up with a credit agency.

What is Zilch Boost?

Zilch Boost is an upgrade, and only available to select customers by invitation from Zilch. If the cost of your flights is a bit above your available spend limit, Zilch Boost will help. Simply tick the ‘Zilch Boost’ option for Alternative Airlines on your Zilch app, and you'll be able to purchase up to twice your available spend when you reach checkout. The cost which is above your usual spend will be added to your first payment and billed to your debit card at the time of purchase.

Can I use Zilch to book flights in the U.K.?

When you search and book flights online through Alternative Airlines you can checkout using Zilch as your payment method. Book flights on any domestic airline in the U.K., including RyanairLoganair, and EasyJet.

Can I use Zilch to fly internationally?

Yes, you can use Zilch to fly with any airline available on the Alternative Airlines website — and we ticket over 600 global airlines. Airlines include: QantasAmerican AirlinesBritish AirwaysDelta Air LinesNorwegian, and Emirates.