The dynamic Indian low cost carrier, SpiceJet is launching a new network of routes connecting secondary cities in India using Bombadier Dash 8 Q400 turbo-prop aircraft. This Canadian built 78 seater aircraft is the most technologically advanced turboprop currently being built.

In phase one of the new network launch, SpiceJet will be launching connections to a list of new cities including Vijayawada (VGA), Rajahmundry (RJA), Tirupati (TIR ), Aurangabad (IXU), Mangalore (IXE), Indore (IDR), and Bhopal (BHO) with a main base in  out of Hyderabad (HYD). Phase two will see flights between Hyderbad (HYD) to Madurai (HYD-IXM), Vizag to Tirupati (VTZ-TIR), Bangalore to Vizag (BLR-VTZ) Hyderabad to Goa (HYD-GOI) and Hyderabad to Nagpur (HYD-NAG).

This is a bold and innovative move by a low cost airline which had previously followed the industry model of keeping costs low by using a single manufacturer jet aircraft fleet.  In the fast growing but fiercely competitive world of Indian Air Travel, Spice Jet with its new for 2011 investors seems a good bet for success. This new venture is one which could radically increase the size of the market by grabbing passengers from the Indian Railways network.  SpiceJet is one of our favourite airlines, watch out for more announcements in the future !