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Alternative Airlines Launches Self-Service Flight Cancellation

11/01/2022 — Alternative Airlines, the global flight search and booking site, now offers self-service cancellation — enabling customers to quickly and easily request to cancel their flights online through

Customers can now sign-in via ‘Manage my booking’ to see the refund they’d be entitled to and then submit a cancellation request if they choose to proceed — all with just a few clicks. This will provide greater convenience by eliminating the need for customers to contact the site’s Customer Service team by phone or email in order to request a flight cancellation.

need to cancel? no problem. Request to cancel your flight with a click of a button and instantly see the refund available to you.

Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines: “Here at Alternative Airlines, we’re always working to optimise the end-to-end flight booking experience for our customers. This includes striving towards greater automation and self-service functionality, in order to provide greater convenience and the immediacy that our customers demand.”

Argyle continued, “We understand that after booking flights, a change in circumstance might mean that our customers need to cancel their flights. When this is the case, customers want the process to be quick and easy and to receive their refund as soon as possible. Through our new self-service cancellation feature, our customers can submit their request as soon as they’re ready to cancel their flights and with a click-of-a-button.”

Self-service cancellation is available for flights booked with eligible airlines and/or routes, up to 24 hours prior to departure.

To begin, customers simply need to visit the Alternative Airlines’ ‘Manage my booking’ portal and sign-in using their booking reference and email address. If a customer selects to cancel their booking, they will be presented with a breakdown of the refund they're entitled to*. If the customer chooses to proceed, the cancellation request will be processed by Alternative Airlines’ Customer Service Team and the customer will be notified as soon as the refund is completed.

As well as submitting a cancellation request, through Manage my booking customers are also able to view their flight itinerary, including the fare rules of their ticket, view and download their e-ticket(s) for their upcoming flights and pre-select their seats.

Self-service cancellation is the latest feature launched by Alternative Airlines in order to provide greater ease for the customer. With an in-house tech team focused on driving innovative solutions, Alternative Airlines’ other recent projects have included developing its own seat map to allow customers to choose their preferred seat across hundreds of airlines and offering more airline connection options through Virtual Interlining.

To begin searching for flights, visit:


*Customers can now sign-in via ‘Manage my booking’ to easily submit a cancellation request and, if eligible, receive a refund. Whether the ticket fare is refundable will depend on the conditions of the ticket.

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