Klarna interviews Alternative Airlines

Klarna shines the light on Alternative Airlines in its latest merchant Case Study


Roll back the clock a few years and travel was becoming ever more spontaneous and adventurous, with a surge in the number of people wanting to explore exotic locations while increasingly booking their trips last-minute. As a result, Alternative Airlines was faced with the challenge of looking for new ways to help customers better manage their spending, so that they could enjoy their travel experiences to the full.

In its latest merchant interview, Klarna shines the spotlight on Sam Argyle, the Managing Director at Alternative Airlines, to explore how the flight search and booking site found Klarna’s flexible payment options to be an ideal solution to the challenges it was facing.

Read how (since the Coronavirus pandemic put a stop to almost all international travel) Alternative Airlines has shifted its focus towards domestic travellers in the US. The discussion also explores how Alternative Airlines has since expanded its partnership with Klarna to offer more payment options, including in the US, and the benefits that this has had.

Read Klarna’s full case study with Alternative Airlines

Credit to Klarna for the full case study