Alternative Airlines Partners with CHOOOSE

Alternative Airlines Partners With CHOOOSE To Bring High-Impact Carbon Compensation Options To Travellers Globally 

As part of our commitment to bring more sustainable options to customers, Alternative Airlines has partnered with CHOOOSE to launch carbon offsetting opportunities on its global flight search and booking site.  

Alternative Airlines’ global customer base can search and book flights with 600+ airlines, and now easily offset the carbon emissions of their air travel via high-impact offset projects from around the world. Powered by climate-tech company CHOOOSE, this is the first phase of a multi-step initiative that reflects Alternative Airlines’ dedication to bringing more sustainable flight options to customers. 

As of today, Alternative Airlines’ customers can login via Manage My Booking to view the amount of CO2 (in kilograms) that will be generated by their upcoming journey. These precise calculations are based on factors that include the route, the number of travellers and number of flights in the itinerary. Customers can then choose to make a voluntary contribution to an offset project with verified impact to compensate for the carbon footprint of their flight(s). Their funds support the highest quality, certified renewable energy projects worldwide.

It is important for us to empower our customers to make more environmentally friendly decisions when booking flights. The dedication that CHOOOSE has to its customers and the environment, as well as its commitment to innovation aligns with our own vision – making this relationship the perfect fit for us,” commented Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines. “We’re excited to bring an industry-leading, high-impact carbon offsetting option to all of our customers – soon to be followed by other features to help our customers make more informed and sustainable decisions about their travel.” 

This climate integration is the first step in Alternative Airlines' initiative to help customers make more sustainable decisions at every stage of the flight booking process.

The online booking platform will also soon be launching another initiative to offer customers more sustainable options, also powered by CHOOOSE: a new search option which filters flights by emissions. This filter will review factors including the airline, aircraft and number of stops per segment to sort the flight results by carbon impact, enabling users to choose the more environmentally friendly options.

CHOOOSE founder and CEO Andreas Slettvoll says: "We see an increasing demand from travellers worldwide wanting to understand the CO2 emissions from their travel and to address these emissions through high-impact climate solutions. That's why we are proud to team up with Alternative Airlines to offer integrated climate options as a seamless part of their booking process.” 

“Together, we are introducing a green flight filter where users can sort flights by the carbon impact and proactively choose airlines and aircraft with a lower environmental impact, making it easier to make responsible choices when taking your next trip. In addition, every flight on Alternative Airlines can now be offset by supporting high-impact energy projects around the world,” he added.

Alternative Airlines has a global customer base, with key markets including North America, Australia, the UK, Europe, and Middle East. Carbon offsetting will be available to all of Alternative Airlines customers, no matter the airline or destination. Customers can complete their flight booking and carbon offsetting and pay in their preferred choice of 170+ currencies. 

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