Alternative Airlines partners with Atlas

Alternative Airlines launches with Atlas to enhance its low-cost carrier content globally

Through the Atlas API, Alternative Airlines will have seamless access to more low-cost airline content in GCC and APAC regions. 

11/07/22 – Alternative Airlines, a global flight booking platform and travel technology innovator, has yet another partnership to announce. Alternative Airlines has partnered with travel technology company, Atlas, to increase its already impressive breadth of airlines and flight choices on its platform.

Atlas is a content provider for airline tickets, ancillaries and also offers post-booking services to travel agents. Recognizing the potential of low-cost carriers in the current aviation market, Atlas has a special focus on lost cost carriers (LCCs) in the  Asia Pacific (APAC) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) areas. Overall, Atlas works with and offers support with more than 160 LCCs. 

Atlas’ next generation Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP) will unlock a large number of airlines and thousands of routes to Alternative Airlines. Thanks to its latest technology, the content provided by Atlas will not be constrained by the legacy systems and through their API (Application Programming Interface), Alternative Airlines will have access to automatic bookings, availability of multiple and cheaper fare classes and more customization through ancillaries.

Low cost carriers are gaining popularity at an astonishing pace. In fact, according to recent research by Atlas, in Q3 of 2022, 46 % of the global seat capacity was courtesy of LCCs. The addition of Atlas will allow Alternative Airlines to ticket and sell more LCC content for its customers.

Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines, commented on the announcement:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Atlas, as we continue to increase airline and flight choices on our platform. We have been impressed by Atlas’ technology, such as their data-driven insights, seamless and super-fast transaction experience, and the availability of LCC content, especially in the APAC and GCC regions. Through the integration of Atlas, Alternative Airlines will be able to provide its customers with cheaper and more accessible LCC fares”   

Tobias Lenz, Product Lead at Alternative Airlines, commented: “We are pleased to have Atlas onboard the Alternative Airlines platform. Through Atlas, we will increase our number of automatically fulfilled bookings, offer more airline content and provide cheaper fares to our customers."

As part of Alternative Airlines’ commitment to provide its modern customer the best booking experience and the cheapest possible fares, its partnership with Atlas will go a long way in fulfilling this commitment. 

Tobias also added “The timing for our partnership with Atlas is perfect as we continue to grow globally. We’ve experienced significant growth in the Middle East and many countries within Asia Pacific, including Australia and the Philippines, in 2022. So, by unlocking more airline content in that region through Atlas will help us offer even more choice and help drive our growth even further.”

Partnering with Atlas is the latest step as Alternative Airlines continues to enhance the airline content that it offers. The site is continuing to grow the number of airlines that it sources content directly via New Content Distribution (NDC), for better fares and ancillary options. Alternative Airlines also continues to increase airline choice through its Virtual Interlining technology, which connects airlines on a single itinerary even when these airlines do not share a codeshare agreement.