Alternative Airlines launches Self Service Flight Changes

Alternative Airlines’ customers can now make self-service changes to their flight itinerary post-booking, without the need to contact the site’s Customer Service team.

Alternative Airlines’ customers can now make self-service changes to their flight itinerary post-booking, without the need to contact the site’s Customer Service team. 

09/10/23 – Alternative Airlines, the global flight search and booking site, has launched its latest feature: Self Service Changes. This new feature will allow customers to quickly and easily make post-booking changes to their flight itinerary online through

Recognising that customer’s plans may shift at a moment's notice, Alternative Airlines’ new 'Self Service Changes' feature will provide customers with greater flexibility and convenience. Customers can now log-in to the site’s 'Manage Booking' portal and make changes to their booking with a few simple clicks. 

Self Service Changes will eliminate the need to contact Alternative Airlines’ Customer Service team via phone or email and therefore streamlines the process for customers seeking adjustments to their flight booking. 

Tobias Lenz, Product Lead at Alternative Airlines, shared: "Our continuous mission at Alternative Airlines is to elevate the end-to-end flight booking journey for our valued customers. We are committed to incorporating automation and self-service functionalities that align with the evolving demands of modern travellers, offering unparalleled convenience and immediacy."

Lenz continued, "We recognise that circumstances can change post-booking, often necessitating flight adjustments. In such scenarios, passengers seek a seamless and hassle-free process to modify their flights. With our pioneering self-service changes feature, passengers can initiate their flight modification requests with a simple click, at their convenience."

Self-service Changes will allow customers to make changes to their dates of travel. Customers will have the option to select alternative departure and/or arrival flights with the same airline, or another airline within the same Alliance. When Alternative Airlines launches the second phase of the project, customers will also be able to make changes to their route and passenger details. 

To make changes to their flight booking, customers simply need to sign in to Alternative Airlines’ ‘Manage Booking’ portal using their booking reference and email address. By selecting ‘Change Flight’, customers will be presented with a breakdown of the fare rules of their booking along with the options available to change. 

In many instances, the change will be automatic, with the customer receiving confirmation of the change straight away. Depending on the airline, in some instances, the change will require manual ticketing, with the customer being informed of this. 

This new feature reflects Alternative Airlines' ongoing commitment to providing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern travellers. It is the latest addition to Alternative Airlines’ ‘Manage Booking’ self service features, which already includes ‘Self-Service Cancellation’, which enables customers to cancel their flight booking. 

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About Alternative Airlines:

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