Alternative Airlines Launches With Atlas

Alternative Airlines take on Asia-Pacific and the Middle East with low-cost carrier growth strategy via Atlas

Alternative Airlines launches with Atlas

Recognising that low-cost is the fastest growing airline category, UK-based flight booking site Alternative Airlines today announces how they intend to accelerate growth into other regions through their collaboration with Atlas – the next-generation enabler of global low-cost carrier (LCC) content. 

“We have enjoyed over 100% revenue growth over the past two years” - says Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines. “To boost this further, we must continue investing in our flight content, specifically low-cost. We believe access to Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets will be key enablers. The breadth of global LCC content that Atlas provides will help drive our expansion across these regions.”

According to Atlas’ analysis, global low-cost carrier seat capacity grew by 56% between 2020 and 2022, compared with non-LCC carriers which only grew 42%.  In 2020, LCCs had 43% of overall air passenger capacity and this grew to 45% by the end of 2022.*

“The low-cost model fared better during the disruption of the past few years” - says Mary Li, Atlas CEO. “Many LCCs gained market share, driving industry recovery and enhancing traveler loyalty. Yet, many travel sellers still don’t realize the scale of the LCC opportunity so this provides Alternative Airlines with a first mover opportunity in a lot of our markets.”  

Travel has been sorely missed and despite the state of the global markets right now, people are prioritizing it. Atlas believes travelers will be looking for lower-cost options and predict that LCCs will continue their growth trajectory during and well beyond 2023.

For Alternative Airlines that means expansion into new markets. Headquartered in Singapore and well-positioned across Asia Pacific, Atlas also boasts 100% LCC coverage across the GCC. Alternative Airlines also benefits from Atlas’ significant content offering in the agency’s home market, Europe. 

With access to over 200 LCCs bookable via Atlas’ Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP), Alternative Airlines will expand their customer base by offering more choice to more customers. In addition, they’ll benefit from ATRIP’s most advanced and stable technology; superior fares and availability; and post-ticketing services and support. 

“The super-fast transaction experience we’ve seen and access to better fare pricing is great for our customers” - says Sam. “Along with the comprehensive LCC content mix from Atlas, we look forward to achieving above and beyond our initial growth forecast.”

Alternative Airlines and Atlas have also released a case study on their collaboration here: