Alternative Airlines Launches Green Flight Filter

Alternative Airlines Launches Green Flight Filter In Partnership With CHOOOSE To Help Travellers Pick Flights With Lower Carbon Emissions

In summer 2022, Alternative Airlines partnered with climate tech company CHOOOSE to bring more sustainable options to customers through its global flight search and booking site by launching carbon emission calculations and offsetting opportunities, with the latest release being a green flight filter that allows customers to make travel decisions based on carbon emissions data.

The global customer base of Alternative Airlines can now choose the flights that have the lowest carbon emissions by utilising their newest green flight filter option while searching and booking flights from more than 600 airlines. This is the next step in a multi-stage project that demonstrates Alternative Airlines' commitment to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly flight options. 

The filter uses information about the airline, aircraft, and the itinerary's number of stops to create these results. Customers can select the “Lowest Emissions” filter under the “Sort by” section on the search results page. The result displays the amount of CO2 (in Kilograms) that will be produced by that flight compared to the typical amount released for that route. The results will be ranked in order of the flights with the lowest percentage to the typical route. This gives travellers the ability to consider the amount of CO2 emissions their journey will produce and have the option to pick the most environmentally friendly solution where possible. 

Sam Argyle, Managing Director of Alternative Airlines commented: "At Alternative Airlines, we're really excited about the introduction of the green flight filter since it means we can further enable our customers to make environmentally friendly decisions when planning travel by expanding the options available to them. It is crucial that services like this are made available to aid in the shift to more sustainable travel, and we will keep collaborating closely with CHOOOSE to release even more environmentally beneficial solutions in the future.”

The ‘Manage My Booking’ area of the Alternative Airlines website has also recently been updated to enable customers to login and check the amount of CO2 (in Kilograms) that’ll be generated by their forthcoming flights. This change was a first step from Alternative Airlines in their commitment to providing customers with more environmentally friendly options. Similar to the green flight filter, factors such as the route, number of passengers, and the number of flights in the itinerary are taken into account when making these calculations. Customers can then opt-in to voluntarily contribute to climate projects that have been shown to have a positive impact (by reducing, removing, or otherwise addressing carbon emissions) to address the carbon footprint of their travel. The funding goes to the vetted, globally recognised renewable energy initiatives. 

“People want opportunities to travel more sustainably. By giving customers information about the carbon emissions of their flight options via high-precision, CHOOOSE-powered technology, we are making it easier for people to select more sustainable travel options, here and now. By integrating climate solutions into the booking process, Alternative Airlines customers will be able to understand and address the carbon footprint of their travel, and support climate projects that make a real difference,” said CHOOOSE CEO, Andreas Slettvoll.

Regardless of the carrier that Alternative Airlines customers choose to book with, all flights on the Alternative Airlines search can be filtered with the green flight filter and be addressed by purchasing verified carbon offsets.

North America, the Middle East, Australia, the UK and Europe are among the major markets for Alternative Airlines’ international customer base, which is constantly expanding. Customers can choose from more than 170 different currencies when booking a flight or making a climate contribution through the purchase of verified carbon offset projects. You can begin searching for flights with lower carbon emissions by visiting



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