Alternative Airlines Joins Amadeus NDC [X]

Alternative Airlines expands its partnership with Amadeus to join NDC [X]

12/09/22 – Global flight booking platform Alternative Airlines has extended its long-standing partnership with travel technology provider Amadeus to join NDC [X].

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a new standard for the distribution of content within the travel industry. The standard enables travel sellers to connect to an airline’s real-time reservation system and enhance their customer focus with access to better fares, more personalisation and richer content. 

By joining Amadeus’ NDC [X] program — an industry-leading program dedicated to the industrialization of NDC — Alternative Airlines is both seizing this new opportunity and setting itself up for the future. 

Sam Argyle, Managing Director at Alternative Airlines, commented on the announcement: “We’re very excited to join Amadeus’ NDC [X]. With the uptake of NDC amongst airlines accelerating, it’s important for us to be ready. Amadeus is at the forefront of the global shift towards NDC, providing industry-leading, high performance tech that is driving NDC forward. Amadeus has long been a key technology partner for us, so joining its NDC-X program was a clear extension to our partnership. As well as a future-proofing strategy, we’re confident that the NDC content that we can now access via Amadeus will help us elevate our customer experience.”

The addition of NDC [X] expands the existing NDC content that Alternative Airlines already sources to include even more global carriers. Through Amadeus’ NDC [X], Alternative Airlines will now also have access to content from airlines including KLM, Air France and Singapore Airlines. 

NDC content provides direct and seamless access to an airline’s best fare options, flexible fare options, ancillary products and more. Along with access to exclusive flight offers, this all enables greater personalization and enhances the customer experience that Alternative Airlines is able to deliver.  

Tobias Lenz, Product Lead at Alternative Airlines, commented: “Joining Amadeus NDC [X] marks a significant milestone in our NDC journey. At Alternative Airlines, we aim to serve the modern traveller with a simple, comprehensive and customizable experience. Expanding our NDC offering with Amadeus will enable us to drive an even more tailored and differentiated booking experience for our customers.”  

Tobias added: “The increasing amount of airline content that Amadeus sources through NDC, in addition to the sheer amount of flight content already available through Amadeus’ leading global distribution system, is advancing our ability to serve our customers with greater flexibility and ease. As the uptake of NDC amongst airlines continues, we look forward to new opportunities with NDC [X] in the future.”