A Feefo spotlight feature: Feefo interviews Alternative Airlines

A Feefo Spotlight Feature: Feefo interviews Sophie Georgalakis, Senior Partnership Executive at Alternative Airlines

Amidst the mass disruption that Covid-19 has caused to the travel and tourism industry around the world, Feefo shines the spotlight on Sophie Georgalakis, Senior Partnership and Marketing Communications Executive here at Alternative Airlines. In the interview, Sophie discusses how Alternative Airlines is not just overcoming the challenges faced during this unprecedented time, but finding new opportunities to thrive.

You can find the full Feefo Spotlight interview by following this link, to watch the full podcast or read the discussion between Sophie and Feefo. You can discover how, here at Alternative Airlines, we have been using customer feedback to open up a second stream of communication with our customers, spot areas where we could improve, and boost morale within our team during the unrest of the global pandemic.

About Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a flight-search website that offers a fast, easy and convenient way to book flights to remote destinations, as well as well-known locations. Alternative Airlines specialises in providing travellers with a wider choice of flights by working with more than 600 airlines including the smaller, regional ones across the world, especially in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia. Alternative Airlines’ global audience can enjoy over 25 international payment methods across 160 currencies. In 2019, Alternative Airlines was awarded a place on the prestigious Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list of fastest-growing companies in the UK.

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