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Book flights to Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island

Angaha is a village found on the western coast of the island ʻEua in Tonga. This island destination offers a relaxing escape and a chance to experience Tongan culture. Visitors can explore the history of the island by visiting the nearby Mapuʻa Vaea Blowholes, natural rock formations that shoot water into the air. Angaha is also a good base for exploring the rest of ʻEua, with its limestone caves, rainforests, and beaches. If you're looking for a calm and culturally rich destination in Tonga, Angaha could be a good choice for your trip.

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Airports near Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island

Planning a trip to Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island? Enjoy flexibility with our selection of 4 airports, which offer different routes and options when travelling to Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island.

Fua'amotu International Airport

Located in Nuku'alofa, Tonga's capital city, Fua'amotu International Airport is the main international airport serving Tonga. It is approximately 400 kilometres away from Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island. To reach Angaha, you would need to take a connecting flight from Fua'amotu International Airport to Niuafo'ou Airport.


Vava'u International Airport

Situated in Neiafu, Vava'u International Airport is another option for travellers heading to Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island. It is approximately 350 kilometres away from Angaha. From Vava'u International Airport, you can take a connecting flight to Niuafo'ou Airport.


Ha'apai-Lifuka Island Airport

Located on Lifuka Island in the Ha'apai group of islands, Ha'apai-Lifuka Island Airport is around 300 kilometres away from Angaha. To reach Angaha, you would need to take a connecting flight from Ha'apai-Lifuka Island Airport to Niuafo'ou Airport.


Nadi International Airport

If you are travelling from outside the Pacific region, Nadi International Airport in Fiji could be a convenient option. It is a major hub with numerous international flights. From Nadi, you can take a connecting flight to either Fua'amotu International Airport or Vava'u International Airport, and then proceed to Niuafo'ou Airport.

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Things to do in Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island

Angaha, Niuafo'ou Island has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Vai Lahi

This is the largest lake on Niuafo'ou Island, located in Angaha. Vai Lahi, which translates to "Big Water," is a stunning volcanic crater lake that covers nearly a quarter of the island's surface. It's a must-visit for nature lovers, offering breathtaking views and a unique ecosystem. The lake is home to several endemic species, making it a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Tafahi Volcano

Just a short boat ride from Angaha, the Tafahi Volcano is an active stratovolcano that offers an adventurous hiking experience. The hike to the summit rewards visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding ocean and the rest of Niuafo'ou Island. The volcano is also home to a variety of bird species, adding a touch of wildlife spotting to the adventure.

Niuafo'ou's Traditional Villages

Angaha is one of the traditional villages on Niuafo'ou Island that offers a glimpse into the rich Tongan culture. Visitors can explore the village, interact with the friendly locals, and learn about their customs and traditions. The village is also known for its traditional Tongan art, particularly Tapa cloth making and wood carving, offering a unique cultural experience.