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Air Norway is a virtual, regional airline located in Brekstad at Ørland Airport.


The airline operates 7 weekly round trips to Ørland to Oslo, with weekday flights. These include 7 trips from its hub at Orland Airport to Olso Airport and also to Aalborg Airport, Denmark.


Air Norway flies to many destinations including Aalborg, Fagemes, Oslo, Trondheim and Orland.


Air Norway was established in 2003 and following the bankruptcy of Coast Air in January 2008, Air Norway began serving Fagernes Airport, Leirin, with 2 daily flights to Oslo and 1 daily flight to Trondheim.


Air Norway flies with a Fairchild Metro from North Flying.





15kg baggage allowance is included in the ticket price.

Hand baggage is only permitted in the cabin.

All other luggage will be placed in Flyes Cargo.




Denmark (Aalborg)
Norway (Fagernes; Oslo; Trondheim; Ørland)



Popular Routes


Orland Airport    Aalborg 


Fagemes    Orland Airport


Orland    Trondheim


Oslo    Orland


Aalborg    Oslo


Oslo    Trondheim


The Fleet




Ørland Airport

HUB Airport


Orland Airport is an airport based in the twon of Brekstad, Norway. It is the hub of Air Norway. It has one runaway and can handle nearly 10,000 passengers every year. 









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