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Next Jet

Next Jet is a provincial airline in Sweden with it’s main operating base at Stockholm Arlanda airport.

Next Jet Airlines

Next Jet is a small independent airline operating to seven airports in Scandinavia: Stockholm, Hagfors, Sveg, Torsby, Orebro and Mora in Sweden along with Copenhagen in Denmark. Flights are operated by a 19-seater Beech 1900D aeroplane. Next Jet also operates air-taxi and charter flight using a Cessna 560XL which justifies the "Jet" part of Next Jet. One of the owners of Next Jet is the former member of the ABBA pop group, Björn Ulvaeus.

Next Jet regional

Next Jet is a small regional airline and co-owned by ex ABBA star Björn Ulvaeus (he’s the one with long hair !!). The airline flies with four aircraft on a feeder service basis from five airports to Stockholm where passengers can connect on to airlines that fly to all parts of the globe. Copenhagen has just the one service from Orebro. Next Jet offers services to the good people of Hagfors, Mora, Sveg, Torsby and Orebro and is the only airline to connect them to "the big city". Lets hope its Mama Mia! for Mr Ulvaeus and not his aviation Waterloo....we say Money, Money, Money to this enterprising airline.